Dr. Tiberiu Catalina

Technical University of Civil Engineering Bucharest


Tiberiu CATALINA, PhD in Civil Engineering from INSA de Lyon, FRANCE, is an associate professor of Building Physics and Building Services at the Department of Environment Protection and Thermal-Hydraulic Systems for buildings from Technical University of Civil Engineering Bucharest, ROMANIA.

Since 2013 as PhD coordinator, he worked with PhD and master students on performance simulation and optimization of nearly-zero energy buildings, energy systems for buildings and indoor environmental quality in schools.

He was elected during the last years as top professor in his University for his tutoring performances with the students in international competitions (Solar Decathlon Paris, Dubai, Budapest, REHVA Student Competitions, etc).

His research is conducted through both numerical developments and experimental test sites to increase an energy-conscious design of buildings envelope and HVAC systems, promote ventilation systems in public buildings, especially schools and healthcare facilities, and increase productivity through better indoor environment parameters.

He has an extensive experience in publishing papers in top journals with subjects related to energy consumption, renewable sources and indoor air.

He served as a reviewer for many international journals like Energy and Buildings, Building and Environmental and other international funding authorities.

Since 2020 he is editor in-chief for the Romanian Building Services journal.   ⇐ back

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