Dr. Hui Zhang

Center for the Built Environment, UC Berkeley


Hui Zhang is a professional researcher at the Center for the Built Environment at UC Berkeley. Her work focuses on human thermophysiology and thermal comfort to support the development of energy- efficient and individually controlled heating and cooling systems for buildings. Dr. Zhang has developed a body-part-specific model of human comfort for the evaluation of complex thermal environments and holds several patents for personal comfort systems. She has run many laboratory and field studies evaluating a wide range of topics ranging from fundamental physiology to the comfort and energy effectiveness of innovative building practices. Dr. Zhang holds a PhD in building science from the Department of Architecture at UC Berkeley (2003) and a M.S in Architecture (1986) and B.A. in Engineering (1983) from Tsinghua University, Beijing, China. She received the ASHRAE Ralph Nevins Physiology and Human Environment Award for her PhD dissertation study & Local Thermal Comfort in Asymmetrical and Transient Environments.     ⇐ back

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